Hackers Are Pleading

One among the hackers who were convicted in U.S, for the theft of 160 million credit card numbers pleaded for not being guilty.

Dmitriy Smilianets, who is 29 is charged with many cases like wire fraud, unauthorized access to computers. If he gets convicted, he may receive 65 years of imprisonment. He sought plea in the Federal court for the charges.

Their hacking group, cyberattacks were formed during 2005 according to the federal prosecutor. Five people were accused and three are on run. These groups visited in the stores to find out holes in the system and accessed the data. They used computers around to store the malwares and data which was stolen.

When they were found out, they sold the credit card numbers and encoded the data into blank cards. These cards were used to withdraw money from ATM’s. Albert Gonzalez was the brain behind this group. He was arrested and got imprisonment during 2009. After he was caught, Smilianets was broken but he carried on with his work in cyberattacks.

via CNET

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