GTA V Update To Be Out Tomorrow

An update for GTA V will be dropping out tomorrow for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions. This is going to feature a mode in Grand Theft Auto Online in Grand Theft Auto V. It may seem a bit strange though, but yes Rockstar is starting 20 new Jobs in the GTA Online based on capture the flag, which will be playable and accessible in following four different modes:

  • Raid – Steal a package from the opponents’ base and safely return it to yours.
  • Hold – Steal or find as many packages across the map as possible, get them back to your base, and keep them there.
  • GTA – Steal more target vehicles located throughout Los Santos than the opposing team.
  • Contend – A single package is in the middle of the map, which must be taken to your base. Afterwards, it’ll respawn in the middle again.

Certain other fixes and adjustments will also be available on this patch. This all may seem exciting but nothing can be commented upon until it is out.

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