GTA V Shows Off Its Popularity In Raptr’s Annual Survey

Grand Theft Auto 5 is the most played new release of 2013, according to Raptr’s annual survey of gamer activity in the full year. The game took out top honours in the survey conducted by Raptr. Raptr draws its data from PC and Xbox 360 users who sign up to the service, so it may not necessarily be considered a highly informative medium, but it does give a reasonable idea of trends various gamers follow.

GTA 5 on Xbox 360 was the most played game, in keeping with the most number of hours played after 30 days of the game launch.

Call of Duty: Ghosts on Xbox 360 came in second place. The best part for GTA’s top position turned out to be the gap between first and second position holders, top placed GTA 5 is way ahead of its next competitor CoD: Ghost. The third place was taken by Battlefield 4 PC.

While League of Legends turned out to be a clear winner on PC and Black Ops 2 was the achiever on Xbox 360 in the category of overall most played game.

The detailed information can further be accessed on the Raptr website.

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