GTA Online Vespucci Beach Party Details

A Vespucci Beach Party Event is being held by GTA Online, and it’s started today. The event has been arranged after the Beach Bum DLC was released by Rockstar Games. And, a new list of jobs will also be available throughout the event, along with other activities.

“We look forward to seeing you all in the Playlists causing bucketloads of carnage up and down the coastline,” stated Rockstar. “Stay tuned as this is just the first of many Grand Theft Auto Online Social Club Events that will be happening regularly in the months to come.”

Players with the best performance (for each platform) will get a limited vanity license plate. Here’s the list of events:

1.View of Vespucci (Parachute)
2.Up the Creek (Bike Race)
3.Water Rings (Sea Race)
4.Vespucci Beachfront (Team Deathmatch)
5.Grass Route II (Race)
6.Sundae Driving (Bike Race)
7.Procopio Beach (Team Deathmatch)
8.Gone Coastal (Sea Race)
9.Turn the Tide (Race)
10.The Cove (Parachute)

For more details, check out the official site of Rockstar Games.

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