GTA 5 Was Given R18+ Rating In Australia

The ruling was given negative rating for its high usage on drugs. The game is said to have bad themes, language, violence and nudity.

But the board which gave approval for GTA 5 said that they are not given any rewards for the illegal drugs. The game is set to be released by next month.

Saints Row 4 was rejected again after it was reported for the usage of illegal drugs as prize.

Australia is always strict when considered about the usage of drugs. It was why Bethesda removed morphine, which was given as an incentive in the game.

The GTA games had search even before in Australia. Rockstar and GTA: San Andreas had strict restrictions during their release.

Australia bought in a rating, R18+ after a big movement. Another game, State of Decay was also rejected classification and was given R18+ rating.

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