GTA 5 Map Leaked a Week before its Release

The official GTA 5 map has been leaked online, prior to its September 17 release, giving gamers an idea of just how big the game would be.


The leaked map shows a huge landmass with Los Santos (maybe representing Los Angeles), in the south and Los Santos County along with Blaine County in the north of the city; the last two being large tracts of rural area.


The studio promised a GTA online with a trailer, last month and claimed that it would be launched two weeks after the release of the GTA 5. The game, according to Rockstar would launch on Xbox 360 and PS3 on the 17th of September, in the US and Europe. Its Japan launch will take place on October 10th.Rockstar has also come taken out the GTA 5, official trailer.

via CVG

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