Groupon Updates Help The Merchants

Groupon has launched the Breadcrumb point-of-sale app again. It is a free payment app made for all vendors.

The company is emerging with new updates for the app and makes it more user friendly for all to access. Their features include taking payments during offline, access the deals which Groupon offers and personalization of apps according to the business needs. The company is expecting more transactions and also helps vendors in their sales.

The head of Breadcrumb, Jyri Engestrom said that the update helps in giving feedbacks.

Groupon has started accepting feedbacks for their growth. For making the users easy to access the app, the company is asking for their type of business and also their personalizing requirements. But the company has not yet revealed anything about the download that is possible.

Engestrom has added that the vendors can make offline payment methods. He also mentioned how the offline payment idea works.

Many companies like American Express has come forward to help in transaction process.

Before Breadcrumb, Engestrom was with Google and also a founder of Ditto, a mobile recommendation app which was attained by Groupon last year.

The app, Ditto is now related to Groupon which is a consumer facing app. He has many words to encourage the upcoming generation who take their turn towards the innovative business which he did.

The groupon helps the vendors to get linked up with the business easily for the daily sale, which saves time. Though there is a processing fee, but one can expect a quality service from this app.

With more than millions of customers, Engestrom and his team have more hope on satisfying the consumer needs.

Groupon has solved 500,000 merchant issues by selling their goods though its platform.

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