Great Work By Twitter- Saving Sharks By Tracking Their Location

There are always two ways to see a scenario; the best one is to generate a peaceful solution, and that’s what twitter has done. Right now, six deaths due to sharks have been recorded in Western Australia in two years which makes it the deadliest place on earth for shark attacks.

To deal with this problem, Twitter finds it’s way by tracking the location of sharks, so that people can avoid that beach in the real time. The Scientists have tagged some 320 sharks in Australia to their locations and triggers an alert whenever they come near a beach. Everything like a shark’s position, as well as size and species is afterwards shared with Surf Life Saving Western Australia’s (SLSWA) Twitter feed which is considered quicker than radio reports.

Surely it’s a much better way to avoid the interaction between Sharks and Human, also it will help to the marine biologists who are in the field of collecting data of sharks’ movements.

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