Gran Turismo 6 To Feature BMW M4 Coupe

The highly anticipated 2014 BMW M4 Coupé is slated for a public release somewhere in June of next year, but thanks to the car industry connections of Polyphony Digital, you’ll be able to drive the posh vehicle immediately in the Gran Turismo 6.

The company’s auto industry connections came into use here i.e. though M4 officially debuted two days ago, so here Polyphony’s deep connections turned beneficial. So, instead of waiting for production models to roll off the line, the firm’s engineers were given an early access to the BMW M4 Coupé during its initial concept car phase. This ensures that the in-game version would feature the series’ trademark attention to detail. The M4 found in Gran Turismo 6 should be the closest thing to owning a real one many of us will ever see. The car’s actual retail cost is nearly $92,000 so virtual driving will be great to many. Gran Turismo 6 is also hosting a Seasonal Event to celebrate the virtual launch from today until December 26.

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