Google To Lead Its Competitors With The Revenue Of $8.8 Billion In 2013 Generated From Mobile Ads

The mobile ads by Google have also been popular among the users of the search engine. The company is now widening up its wings with the sale of these ads, it is expected that these ads will generate a revenue of $8.8 billion for the company. Google seems to have surpassed its competitors regarding these ads sales. The exciting part of this news is that it is not for the first time that the company is getting this privilege. This is the second consecutive year that the Google is holding this position.

The revenue has been summed up after paying the commissions to its partners who are giving these ads. It has shown an improvement by 92% as compared to that of the previous year. These figures have been according to forecasts that have been made by an emarketer, a research firm. This year will be favoring the grand features of the company and will be reaching a bar of $16 billion. If these figures are precisely analyzed it is seen that the company will have a share of 56%.

The sales of these ads were quite less in the year 2012 when the company had sold $4.6 billion. It was at that time the company had occupied a share of 52% in the market. Facebook is close to Google because it is an occupant of 13% of the market. Facebook has a second place in this queue. The position of Facebook has doubled as compared to its position in the year 2012. The reason being it had occupied a market of only 5.3% that has doubled itself up these years.

Expectations are quite high from Google and it is expected that the giant web search will bring $39 billion of revenue in 2013. This will add on to the glory for the company. If these figures of $39 come true, then it will show a hike of 19% as what was predicted by eMarketer, the research firm. Facebook with be having a share of 5% and will be occupying the second position. Yahoo will be following Facebook and will have a share of 3%.

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