Google To Help Hacked Sites

Google had been a victim of hacking of sites. With this idea in their head, Google recently launched a webpage and a fixed set of tutorials aimed for webmasters whose sites were or are still hacked. The website is officially known as:- “Webmasters help for hacked sites.”.

The webpage highlights the various situations where your site maybe hacked. For instance if you are a site owner and your site displays a message like “This site may harm your computer”, then it is quite likely that the content on the site is compromised and you are a victim of hacking. Specifically, Google has also aimed to explain webmasters how to deal with Google’s search warning that a site is dangerous, which is usually the case, under circumstances such as a hacker to have infected the site with harmful code.

Google claims on the site that “Every day, cybercriminals compromise thousands of websites. Hacks are often invisible to users, yet remain harmful to anyone viewing the page — including the site owner”.

Google starts off with a video tutorial. The tutorial is used for explaining the basics of how and why sites get hacked. It then moves towards more advanced concepts with information on how to quarantine a site, identify it’s vulnerabilities and clean it up from harmful code.

This is a very thoughtful initiative taken by Google. Most hacked sites are going to get benefit by using this tutorial and would use it to prevent further hacking.

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