Google To Buy Whatsapp?

The one word that seems to be synonymous with Whatsapp is rumors. Last year it was rumored that Facebook was to buy the popular phone messaging app. And the rumour mills are back in action now. The search giant Google is now involved in talks with Whatsapp. The Wall Street Journal had reported last month that Google had approached WhatsApp, though it didn’t indicate when or how serious the talks were.


If the inside source is to be believed, the talks have been going on for a week now and the enormous amount of 1 billion dollar has been put by Google across the table. Last year, when Facebook was rumored to be in talks, the price quotation was not revealed. But if the 1 billion dollar turns out to be true, it will put the hugely famous messaging app in the same league as that of Instagram. Last year Instagram was purchased for 1 billion dollars by Facebook.

Google and WhatsApp want to keep this deal a secret and have currently refused to comment on the transaction.
WhatsApp has touched new heights in the past couple of months. Biggies like Facebook and Google feel threatened by the growing popularity and hence are keen on purchasing it. The app which let’s users send messages or any form of media for free across smartphone platforms was launched in 2009. It has only seen a growing fan base since then and today it has tens of millions of users. Currently, it is rated as the No. 1 app in Apple’s App Store in dozens of countries. If further statistics are to be believed, Whatsapp has been downloaded for more than 100 million times on Google Play.

No wonder, Facebook and Google feel vulnerable. Let us know what you feel in the comments section below.

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