Google Remote Desktop : Added Feature To Hangouts

Are you a tech savvy, who is often called up at odd hours for troubleshooting of laptop of your friend or friend’s friend? If you are one of the lots and this is a common experience for you, then now here is a help from Google. No, Google will not certainly solve the issue with the PC of your friend but it will certainly help you reach your friend in a better and more efficient way so that you yourself can give better solution.


On Thursday Google announced that it is going to roll out Hangouts remote desktop app, which will enable the users to video chat while troubleshooting. This new Google+ Hangout feature will work on the same technology as the Chrome Remote Desktop. Daniel Caiafa, blogged on Thursday that this remote desktop app can be helpful to control the computer of a person at a geographically distant location. Obviously it will need the permission of the owner before you can have access to the computer remotely, and being within Hangout, will certainly enable both the users to see and hear each other.

To start with the app, one just needs to start the Hangout program, and he can find the Hangouts Remote Desktop in the View More Apps section. This application might not find use to every user but for some, this app can be really a boon. Simultaneous visual and verbal communication can be a lot helpful for troubleshooting.

Hangouts from Google plus include built-in productivity apps that can help a lot to improve collaboration even when the people are at different physical locations. Google plus started with the app suit that constitute Circles, Events and Hangouts with the aim to make sharing in web just like sharing in real life. With Hangouts you can video chat with your loved ones from any- where, it supports free video conferencing up to 10 people. From its launch Google has been continually updating Hangouts with more and more exiting features to make the suit complete in every sense. With the recent addition it becomes even better with functionality dedicated to deal with varied situations.

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