Google Needs Assistance To Map Hard-To-Reach Places

If you are strong, adaptable, brave, healthy and fit, the Web Giant Google is your need. This time, they don’t need your academics, programming skills and innovation. They just need you to get in to the places where the Google Cars or Cycles can’t go in. In the extension of its Giant Work called  “Google Maps” , they are in need of trekkers to map certain places.

Google has already a sent two trekker crews last October to map the Grand Canyon. The trekkers that Google need now has to carry a back-bag of 40 pounds that packs an Android Device build with a camera of 15 lenses, each angled to a different direction and augment all together to form a 360′ panoramic view.

Google has got many applicants and this is an example of what Google asked its applicants.

Provide some detail about your proposed project, the location you want to share with the world via Street View, and why you think it’d be useful. Tell us what makes this place amazing, describe the type of imagery and any highlights you expect to capture, and let us know if your trip is already planned (if so, when?).

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