Google May Start A Sponsored Feature In Ads

Today, Google announced a feature that will display your name and photo next to advertisements, its something like Facebook’s Sponsored Stories, which places user in the online advertisements. But its a lesson for the Google to not make this feature as Facebook’s fumbles surrounding ads, but to make it more real and transparent.

Earlier, in 2011 there was a lawsuit against Facebook for violating users’ privacy rights by publicizing user Likes in advertisements without permission or compensation.

To increase its popularity Google added and also removed some features, as in the Sponsored Stories, users couldn’t opt out of the service, effectively turning all Likes into advertising fodder. The new Shared Endorsements feature will act as an option for the user, whether to start using your likeness in advertisements or not. These steps are certainly laudable from a user privacy perspective—even if they’re also a pretty clear attempt to avoid Facebook-like user rage.

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