Google May Build A Floating Data Center

According to the reports of CNET’s Daniel Terdiman, Google is currently working on the a secret data center which will float in San Francisco Bay. This report seems very true because of its scientific reasons, an environment friendly sea-powered (and, most likely, sea-cooled) data center—into reality.

The reasons I am talking about is that the data center generate a lot of heat and cold sea water also holds potential as a coolant, along with all these there all several other pros like generating power from the clean source of energy i.e. waves motion.

Currently, we don’t have all the reports of what is going on, only know that massive project is taking shape within a four-story-tall structure on a barge moored at Treasure Island, midway between San Francisco and Oakland. However, Terdiman using all the possible data conclude that Google is almost certainly behind the effort.

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