Google Map Is Now With Five New game – “Have Made Place Finding Technique Easy & Educational”

If you are planning a day trip, holiday or have to go an unknown place, none other than Google map can help you best with it. It will give you a detailed overview of the place you are planning to visit along with the directions of reaching to a right destination. It is a simple way of helping you to find a lateral place in the world. This application by Google has always been amazing by users. The new Google street view feature was added to it after its launch and this mix was considerably convenient.

It is an opportunity for the readers to have a virtual trip around different cities and towns. The Google street view feature has become more and more advance and it includes about 60 countries in the world. It also provides ground level views that will create strange sights. However it is not sufficient to have Google street view and Google map to plan your routes. Google has also created some of the interesting and fantastic mashups that have been created over the years. World wide web also provides you with certain websites that will provide you with a virtual globetrotting view,. This is due to the feature of Google street view mashups.

There is yet more fun with Google maps and Google Street view. It has games built on top of it. You can enjoy these games when you are bored with the strenuous work. There are mainly five types of games like real world racer is a simple Google street view games offers what a title implies. This game will let you to race on real roads which is different from that of usual games that lets you ride on virtual roads. The next game is street view quiz which is full of questions that are dependent upon the Google street view and Google maps.

GeoGuessr provides you with an n image taken from Google Street View that will ask you to locate it on the maps of the world. Even it sounds easy but it can drive you crazy. Other games are pursued and Streetview Zombie Apocalypse. These games are not only exciting but also educational.

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