Google Launches Hangout Marketplace – Google Helpouts

Google has now ruled out all the rumours created with the launch of Google Helpouts, a service largely inspired from Hangouts. The Google Helpouts is a Hangout based Marketplace which allows individuals and businesses (small and large) to trade and avail services, share knowledge from pros and experts to the ones who need it via live video. Google Helpouts has launched today itself, while the service remains limited to Invite-Only.

This will allow the ones who use their skills to make money along with sharing knowledge with the world. Services in Google Helpouts are classified as Home & Garden, Computers & Electronics, Health & Counseling, Nutrition & Fitness, Fashion & Beauty, Art & Music, Cooking, and Education. For payments here, we are dependent on Google Wallet. Google with expansion plans is working with Infinity Contact, Capita Customer Management, and VXI for providing customers support and services linked to Google Helpouts.

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