Google Glass Specs Will Hit The Market In A Year

Here comes the good news for the people waiting eagerly to try their hands on the Google Glass Specs. In an interview on Monday, with the BBC Radio 4’s World at One that lasted for 13 minutes, Eric Schmidt, executive chairman, Google, said that, these specs are expected to be available for the consumers within a year. He added, thousands of these high-tech specs are in use by developers, and this testing phase will go on for a few more months. Once the testing phase is over, the feedback of developers will be considered to implement minute changes into the device, and the total process will take more or less a year to complete.

Google Glass Eyewear is a spec that comes with a head-on display, capable of taking pictures, and also follows voice command from the user. Last Week, Google launched the explorer edition of this device for developers and also published the full spec sheet of the version; according to which customers will get a 5 megapixel camera, 12GB usable storage, bone conduction transducer, and many other hi-tech facilities for their $1,500. The Glass is for wearing the whole day, and the app developers have been instructed to design apps for the device that will not make the process complex.

Schmidt explained that the technology of the device is extensive. This device can be used for unique purposes, but to use this kind of high-reaching technologies, people need to follow better social etiquette. The device can easily raise privacy concerns if not used with the proper protocol. This device combines the modern technologies in its tiny breadth and arms the user with some unique capacities, which if misused, can have bad effects on the society. Similar kind of problems already exists with the high-tech phones, and Google Glass will reach steps forward in that.

The chairman added, Google has the responsibility to keep the user information private, and at the same time the users have the responsibility to use the technology in the proper way maintaining the society protocols. People using this kind of far-reaching technologies should be well aware about what they are doing, and how they are using it.

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