Google Eyewear Glass OS Accessed By Hacker

Google Eyewear, which has been classed as one of the best innovations of the current times, has already been hacked and accessed. This was within a few hours of the declaration by Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt that all apps for Google Eyewear Glass will need legal permission from Google. The hacking was done by renowned hacker Jay Freeman who thus crushed any hope for Google to lock down its product. It is now possible to develop and install various apps for glass beyond the control of Google.


In an exchange with Forbes magazine, Freeman told that Glass is running the Android 4.0.4 operating system, also called Ice Cream Sandwich, which is common to many android phones. After realizing this, he modified an exploit which he obtained from another hacker called B1nary, which allows root access to Android phone sand Tablets. After some simple modifications which took him just two hours, he was able to apply it in the same way for Google Eyewear. Recently, other hackers have also been trying to explore Glass. It is not immediately clear what sort of specific advantages can be gained through this exploit of Freeman, but other developers will definitely get to work with this progress, to create interesting apps for Glass.

Google itself has developed a set of its own apps for Google Eyewear(Glass) like Gmail, Google Now, Google Maps etc. and even allowed some third party apps. Google has also faced a lot of criticism for Glass over various ethical and safety issues. It has also, in its terms of service, prohibited the buyer from reselling, lending or transferring the product to any other person. This policy has also been criticized from various corners. With the incident of hacking of Glass, Forbes has stated that now the users can avoid this sort of “Brick” treatment from Google.

It remains to be seen what developments follow this hacker’s access to the operating system of Glass. While the creativity of the hackers can result in various interesting apps, it also raises a few concerns about the misuse of the product. There might be apps that can result in gaining unlawful advantage through the potential of the product that might get Glass banned from various places.

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