Google Developing A New-Age Set-Top Box For Android TV

Google is working on a brand new Android TV set-top media box that utilizes a straightforward card interface that will include native apps, games, voice search and also a proactive recommendation system. The set-top box is believed to be released very soon, according to a set of documents obtained by a leading website.

These documents state that while Android powers the box’s expertise, the interface offers a series of “cards” representing totally different channel options, along with movies, shows, apps, and games. The users will be able to scroll through the interface with a four-way directional pad that contains Back, Enter and Home buttons; with the set-top box that will have optional game controllers. Moreover, Android TV is also claimed to contain support for notifications, search and also the voice support, with the set-top box also having the ability to advocate content based on a user’s interests and resume content viewed elsewhere the moment Android TV is turned on. Google is reportedly asking certain developers to create games and apps for its new set-top box with optimized interfaces for the TV, as apps for Hulu, Netflix, Vevo and Pandora are expected to ship with the device. The company is also going to add its own apps including Hangouts, Play Movies and YouTube.

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