Google Announced To Pay A Huge Salary To Hackers Spotting Flaws In Chrome OS

Google have discovered a way to find the bug in it’s Chrome OS, as the company wants that the hackers should do something for their OS and in return they will be getting a huge pay.

Google announced it’s plan for it’s fourth annual hacking contest called Pwnium 4, which is most probably scheduled in March at the CanSecWest security conference in Vancouver. This name have relative meaning, “Pwn” in geek is known for “breaking into a computer and owning it”. And “nium” is to complete OS full name as Chromium.

Company have kept the total prize amount as $2.71828 million, and it’s reminding of a constant “e” which is used much in writing algos.

Hackers have a good chance to earn a healthy year’s salary for finding a single hole in Chrome OS. The top prize declared is $150,000 for them, who will hack and control Chrome OS PC by a Web page even after it reboots. Google will also pay $110,000 for another bug delivered by a Web page.

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