Google Acquired Nest Labs, At $3.2 Billion

Google recently acquired Nest Labs, as it is famous for manufacture of Nest Thermostat and Nest Protect. No changes will be made for Nest’s leadership structure and it will operate under Google’s umbrella, according to a press release.

Nest Thermostat, which is priced at $249, is famous for it’s work of of cooling and heating up a consumer’s home once it becomes familiar with the owner’s preferences. While Nest Protect, which is priced for $129, is famous for it’s smoke alarm device, which speaks and lights up whenever it is about to go off rather than immediately sound an alarm.

The devices mentioned above can be controlled by an app for adjusting it’s temperature or receiving any notification about smoke. However, the company is acquired but the co-founder Matt Rogers have made clear that Nest Labs will be continuing to support iOS, Android, and modern web browsers.

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