The Golf Club All Set For a Spring Launch

The Golf Club is a new golf simulation headed to PC and next-gen consoles this year, boasting procedurally-generated courses, no loading times, a course creator, and intensive online practicality. The Golf Club is due on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in northern spring, though developer HB Studios aforementioned development won’t finish at launch.

HB’s ambition is to deliver an accessible however realistic golf expertise, with no loading times or waiting around in lobbies for multiplayer matches. Moreover as a range of crafted courses, it’ll ship with a course creator for redaction and sharing your own courses, and a generator to provide endless content.

You’ll also be ready to craft tournaments and tours for others to participate in, and you’ll play against friends’ ghost data in addition to drop-in multiplayer.

The game’s web site goes into detail on how the courses are procedurally generated. The studio is already famous for working on many famous games.

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