The Giants On Faking Injuries

Dallas owner Jerry Jones allegedly blames The Giants for having faked injuries during a long touchdown drive by the Cowboys in New York’s season-opening loss.

After Dallas’ 36-31 victory on Sunday night, Jones claimed that “it was so obvious it was funny”, after linbacker Dan Connor and defensive tackle Cullen Jenkins went on plays in the second quarter, thus stopping the clock each time.

Tomy Romo and Jason Witten were seen complaining to officials while Jenkins was down with injury. The last year Cowboys player, and present linebacker for The Giants, did not return from injury while Jenkins made a comeback without an injury update. On Monday, Giant’s coach Tom Coughlin quoted, “It is absolutely not true. Both of those players were injured. Connor never returned to the game. Cullen was in a position where he needed to regroup. That really wasn’t orchestrated at all.”

Cowboys Coach, Jason Garrett said, “If somebody goes down, you have to respect what’s going on that that player and make sure you handle it the right way. The league has a good value of what you have to value in that kind of a situation and they handle it well.”

Antrel Rolle, Giant’s safety, claimed that Jones should have just been happy on beating New York in the opener for the second straight season. “I can care less what Jerry has to say. When we play those guys again, it will be a little different outcome”, said Rolle in response to the accusation.

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