Get The GTA Tracks From Spotify, The GTA Way

Rockstar, the maker of the Grand Theft Auto Games, most popular amongst the gamers and making headlines due to the violence shown in the games, has now come up with the unique music archive for all the music tracks used in the games since GTA III. Rockstar has always used licensed sound tracks of different varieties in their games to add more thrill, more feel and more reality to the gaming experience. The games come loaded with different music tracks, sometime played by in-car radio stations sometime played just as a background chore.

The music tracks at the background of the games often go unnoticed. The excitement of the game certainly does not leave any room for the gamer to concentrate on the music. So, to solve up on this, and to let the gamers and other fans enjoy the music tracks separately, Rockstar have uploaded these soundtracks into their Spotify profile page. The page also contains detailed playlist of the tracks of GTA games, and now you can easily pick and listen to any of the tracks without rebooting the game on your gaming device.

Searching the Rockstergames profile in the Spotify can yield you the collection or you can take a look at the announcement page of Rockstar to find the individual links to the individual tracks. Though most of the tracks are available on the Spotify page, but all can be collected only from the iTunes, and in case you would like to have the whole collection you certainly have to opt for the App store.

In this context, the next part of the GTA games from the house, the GTA V is expected to be launched on the 17th day of the month of September this year, which is around four months late from its expected date. On this delay, a spokesperson from the part of the company said, the GTA V is a vast and complex game that places the standards of the GTA games truly high, and this distinctive game needed some more polish before it can actually hit the market. He also claimed that this version of the game is worth the extra time.

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