Gerrard Urges Fans To Stand By The England Team

Steven Gerrard hit back all those who were questioning the commitment of England players to the national team. He insisted that all of them are desperate to succeed at the international level. The World Cup qualifiers against Montenegro and Poland would be England’s first test.

England players have been under immense scrutiny over the past few weeks for their supposed lack of a fighting spirit.

“It is nonsense to say that. You do not know the pain and agony we underwent after we didn’t qualify for Euro 2008. We care about our fans. Trust me, we do. We understand that the fans and media are passionate. It is a shame that the supporters and certain people can’t get into our dressing room and watch us prepare for any of our matches. If we didn’t care enough, we would not be here. All of us play because we want to, because that is what we dreamt of from a very young age. Yes, it matters when you represent your club. But, when it is the country, it is a completely separate feeling”, voiced out Gerrard.

Gerrard also added that England has not been unfairly treated by the media and it is important for the players to accept criticism.

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