Gamestick Console Release Date Pushed Back

Android gaming is all set to move to level 2, and that to in a big way. OUYA and PlayJam GameStick console are geared up to enter into the mini-console war. GameStick is focusing on portability and the ability to take your Android games anywhere with only one hiccup. There should be a provision for a TV set.


Successfully funded on Kickstarter in early February, GameStick hit way above their $100,000 goal, raising a whopping $647,000. The GameStick is about the size of a stick of gum. Essentially it is an HDMI stick that nestles itself comfortably inside its own dual-analog controller for easy transport.
The official site quotes:-

“We have developed what we believe is to be the most affordable, portable, dedicated device to bring games to any TV. We call it gameStick.”

Developing units had decided to ship the gamestick to the 600 users who had signed up for it in the phase 1. The remaining game sticks were to ship out a week later after the first instalment. The official date given for the first installment was April. But much to the dismay of the eagerly waiting users, the official date has been pushed back to June. The wait for the release of gamestick seems to be taking forever.

“The units will need stronger tooling than the silicon-based molds of the developing units to ensure that tens of thousands of them can be successfully made. Additionally, this will apparently force the company to ship these larger factory yields via sea transport rather than air, which also slow things down.”

What is interesting to note is that there is a slowdown even before the product has hit the markets. This only goes on to show the pressure that the company is facing. To give the best to its users the company seems to be making minute last minute changes, which seem to be the cause of this delay. Gamestick’s competitor OUYA already has plans to ship out to backers. The retail units are planned for June. June 2013 is all set for an intense gaming console war. Let’s hope the better console maker wins.

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