Games Which Are Cancelled : CoD & Mega Man

There is news all around about the Call of Duty: Ghosts. But this doesn’t hide the failure of previous edition of ghosts games, Starcraft: Ghosts. This game, which was announced by September 2002, was based on military science fiction and still it didn’t make to stores. The capability behind the project was awesome, as it is a third person shooter, but the game is still said to be on hold.

It was a wonderstruck for Mega Man fans as Mega Man Legend 3 game was cancelled. There was uproar among the fans as a reaction to the cancellation. The game was a sequel to Mega Man Legend 2. It was the fourth game in Legend series which was announced during September 2012 in Nintendo press conference. Even the game directors were upset with the cancellation as the game was much awaited one.

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