Future Of Rust: Visitor In The Field

Joe Cornish, director of the 2011 British monster movie, Attack the Block, has dropped out on adapting Royden Lepp’s graphic novel, Rust, as his next project. Rumours of Rio director Carlos Saldahna filling in for him have been heard especially since, he is said to have entered into some negotiation with the graphic novelist.

Saldahna’s first experience as co-director came with the Twentieth Century Fox’s Ice Age and Robots, before which he had been creative supervisor to A Simple Wish(1997) and Fight Club (1999). In 2005, he went solo with Ice Age: The meltdown and its sequel. Should he direct Rust, Aline Brosch Mckenna, as many say might be given the responsibility of writing screenplay.

Rust is a story that involves a young, mysterious Jet Jones who, after being chased by a war robot, crashes into a barn belonging to the Taylor Family. Roman, the eldest of the Taylor family believed that this jetpacked Jones is the one who can help his family survive, post the global war that has left them with nothing but devastation. The film will be adapted from the first part of this two volume series which was published in the year 2011 and has been compared to the likes of Spielberg’s E.T.

Despite all the excitement attached to the apparent next great animation flick, many are still apprehensive about Saldahna’s shift from CGI to live-action. This is only because his previous films contained a majority of CGI elements (which rust will too), and lacked live-action movements, as many have pointed out before. With the negotiations having just begun, one cannot set their hearts entirely on hoping to see the flick out for sure; but then again, one cannot keep none either.

via CinemaBlend

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