FreeSpace Gmail Cleaner

Backupify, the cloud back up service, has tied up with Google to provide Gmail users with a storage management tool called FreeSpace, that monitors and manages the storage with any Google account.

Freespace Gmail Cleaner has been developed for those users who frequently use up the maximum storage capacity on their Gmail accounts, which is 25 GB currently.

Freespace Gmail Cleaner looks through the user’s accounts and provides a list of the attachments which are taking up the most space. The user then has the option of removing the attachments to clear up space from the inbox.

Backupify is providing 3 types of accounts for Google accounts right now – Professional, Enterprise and Enterprise+. Professional charges $3 per month per user and gives 35 GB of storage space to the user. Enterprise charges $4 per month per user and require minimum of 25 users, with an unlimited storage space. Enterprise+ charges $990 per month per domain, with a storage space of 1 TB.

The services backed up include Gmail, Docs/Drive, Contacts, Calendar and Sites.

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