Forza Motorsport 5 Comes Up With Griefing Through Drivatar Technology

Forza Motorsport 5 is all set to create an AI version of it’s users. It will learn more about their playstyle and driving techniques as they play the game. This feature comes out to be a new alternative to more traditional computer-controlled opponents. This griefing would be done through the Drivatar technology.

The community manager Brian Ekberg told the media, “For people who just want to get online and grief people, if you were to turn around and drive against traffic the Drivatar would stop paying attention to that. It does not record that kind of griefing behavior. That’s how we get around that because we recognize that there are people that do that, people that like to get online and grief.

About how botched runs might impact the users’ online persona, Ekberg explained, “As your skills improve, the Drivatar’s skills improve, as well. Inevitably the more you play the better you are going to get. It’s not like if you have a bum race here and there your Drivatar is going to be a terrible driver. It’s almost like a rubber band, your skills will stretch out, expand and contract as you go and so too will your Drivatar’s ability.

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