Former NSA Contractor Has A Virtual “Instruction Manual” On How NSA Operates

It is surprising to know that Edward Snowden, the former contractor for the National Security Agency who leaked classified documents regarding the agency’s surveillance programs, has extremely sensitive blueprints which give all the details of how the agency operates.

What NSA should fear about?
ALL the documents which Edward own could aid in duplication of NSA surveillance tactics told The Guardian’s Glenn Greenwaldlast Sunday in an interview.

The NSA official leaks last month led to the public learning that the U.S. government has been working to spy on people via metadata from Internet companies and cellular records in two programs.

The NSA and the Obama administration have made a point that the goals of the surveillance programs were to track down foreign terrorists and terrorist threats.

However Since the leak, the U.S. government has taken Snowden’s passport and is working to extradite him back to the U.S. Since then, Snowden has remained in the Moscow airport. He has yet to pass through Russia’s customs, effectively leaving him from all the legal hassles of the place.

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