Former Activision Executive VP, Robin Kaminsky Joins Defiance Publisher Trion Worlds

Reportedly, Ex-Exec Vice President of publishing, Activision, Robin Kaminsky has joined the board of Rift and Defiance publisher Trion Worlds. Apart from her tenure at Activision, from 2005 to 2008, she has held executive positions in certain other non-gaming tech and toy companies. She has, once, also been an advisor to Gaikai.

Speaking to the media, Kaminsky said, “My considerable experience will be of use to Trion as it expands its catalogue of free-to-play MMOs. I love their approach to the market. They are very much at the cutting edge as an online team. They have put a real emphasis on free-to-play. I believe the future is in online free-to-play games, and so I am excited to be involved with them.”

The new board members seemed happy with the inclusion. They said, “Trion has a full slate of games on the horizon, and that it is adjusting its approach to micro-transactions after years of subscription business models and Kaminsky shall be helpful in that.”

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