Formation Of New Committee For Blackberry

Blackberry is taking sincere efforts to boost its sale in the market. The Smart phone maker has formed a committee that would plan and explore the strategic options for the company. All these are taken as the launch of latest blackberry has not been a great success story for Blackberry.

The company is planning to increase the sales of its newly launched Blackberry 10 smart phone by including joint ventures or partnerships. One of the Blackberry’s board member Timothy Dattels who will be the chairman of the committee addressed the press the other day that, they believe that it is right time for the firm to explore strategic alternatives.

He further added that during the last year, the focus has been on the Blackberry 10 platform and BES 10 by the management and the board to establish a strong financial position and evaluate best approach to deliver long term value for all customers and shareholders.

But the company’s interest to form its own committee has not been welcomed by him eventually making up to resign as the chairman of Blackberry’s largest shareholder, Fairfax Finanacial , Mr Prem Watsa has he claimed that he wished to avoid any potential conflict of interest against his co-workers.

In his defence he said that he will always remain a strong and loyal supporter of the company as the board and management will be moving forward with the decisions although he does not have any intentions of selling any Fairfax Financial shares. However, the company has suffered to regain the loss in the market share to Apple and users using Google’s Android OS.

In the recent quarter, Blackberry has suffered a loss of $84 and its is expected that the company will be losing more in coming days till September end. One of the critics working as a Technological reporter reacted to this scenario saying that Blackberry’s real problem is that its phones are really not good and also took long time to hit the market, although the company is able to offer devices that still gain attention from its loyal followers, but firms and consumers who have already switched to other platforms, purchasers might see little reason to pick the ‘berry.

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