Football Manager 2014 Release Date Announced

Sports Interactive recently announced the official launch date for Football Manager 2014 i.e. the 31st of October, on a Thursday, at 00.01am GMT on PC, Mac and Linux.

Pre-ordering from a retailer can give users access to a beta version two weeks before the game goes on sale. The career can be carried on later after the full version’s bought. A demo shall be taken out a week before the game though.Thanks to cloud saves, users can continue careers on any PC, Mac or Linux machine worldwide-by logging into a Steam Account, installing and then downloading the cloud save.

By using the PS Vita, Football Manager Classic players will be able to continue their careers anywhere. The PS Vita version would be the first to feature the 3D match engine.

An integration with Steam workshop this year will allow users to create and share bespoke skins and graphics; customize and share bespoke database, including additional leagues and nations and customize competitions.

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