Football Manager 2013 On High Piracy Radar

Over 10 million individuals illicitly downloaded Football Manager 2013, and its developer is aware of the IP addresses of each single one amongst them. Addressing at the London Games Conference 2013, Football Manager producer Miles Jacobson stated that the game was cracked in May 2013, however the crack included a feature permitting Sports Interactive to log the IP of everyone who nabbed it illicitly.

Of the 10.1 million pirates, Jacobson discovered the biggest chunk came from China, with 3.2 million downloads. Another 1.05 million were from Turkey, and Portugal and Turkey came in next with 781,785 and 547,7000 respectively. An illegal transfer was apparently made inside the Vatican also.

Sports Interactive is amiable regarding the astounding figures, with Jacobson commenting that it might be absurd to equate the piracy with lost sales. He said only about 1.74% of pirates would have purchased the game had a crack not been out there, that sounds but however adds up to $3.7 million in lost revenue. Based on decreased activations, Jacobson believes 176,000 sales were lost, as a right away result of the crack.

18% of those who downloaded the game illegally played it five times or more, so about 1.8 million players are relishing the game without having to pay for any formalities or so.

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