Florida Man Was Charged With Murder

A man in Florida was charged with first degree murder for shooting his wife and posting snap of her body on Facebook.

Derek Medina (31 years), shot his wife, Jennifer Alfonso (26 years), for punching him and wielding him with a knife.

He told police that he took the gun when they had a verbal fight when she was about to leave him.

The police found her body in his house, mean while her daughter of 10 year old was unharmed.

He updated in his Facebook account that he is expecting to have either death sentence or imprisonment for killing his wife. He also wrote that he will miss all and asked all to take care of themselves. After posting her picture, he commented RIP Jennifer Alfonso.

The picture was in his profile for five hours, which was later removed by Facebook.

A spokeswoman of Facebook has said that Facebook has taken step to remove the content and disabled the profile. Police didn’t comment about the posts in Facebook.

The duo was married in January 2010 but divorced in February 2012. But they got remarried after three months.

Medina was said to be working in a property management company as a supervisor.

Based on the affidavit, the duo engaged in an argument in their bedroom and it was then he used his gun to shoot her. He went to her for confronting her from leaving him. But she punched him and he shot her several times.

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