First Look Of “The Imitation Game” Hits The Web

With Alan Turing getting justice a week ago the great Mathematician, logician, cryptanalyst, computer scientist was no less than a genius, An Important person for the computer era and a historical figure for his contribution in World War II, Who was unfortunately prosecuted for his sexuality difference. Director Morten Tyldum has taken the responsibility to honor his life and his contributions. His movie “The Imitation Game” based upon his biography, whose first image was spotted recently.

Based on the biography “Alan Turing: The Enigma,” The movie will focus the life of the English multi-hyphenate who, Not only contributed to the warfield but also helped advance modern technology with his explorations into early computer design. The film has also promised to show the story of his criminal conviction for homosexuality, which led to him lose his job, being chemically castrated with female hormones and eventually killing himself with cyanide at the age of 41.Co-starring Keira Knightley, and featuring a score by Clint Mansell, there is no release date or distributor yet for the film, but expect this one to drop in 2014.

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