First 6 Months Sale Of Windows 8 Is Similar With The Sale Of Windows 7

Even though, Windows 8 have not been a favourite with the critics, it is still showing a steady sales trend in the market. According to the internal sales figure of Microsoft, after six months of its launch the same number of license were sold worldwide for both Windows 8 and Windows 7. On Tuesday, Microsoft announced that Windows 8, which is claimed to be the revolutionary OS in history by Microsoft, has crossed the 100 million mark, which at the same time means that both the OS grew at the same rate in their first six months respectively.

On October 22nd, in the year 2009, Windows 7 was launched. Within the third quarter, the OS had generated 100 million sales worldwide making it the fastest selling operating system, which boils down to the sale of 100 million licenses just within 160 days. On the other hand, Windows 8 marked its launch on the 26th day of October, 2012 which on May 7th, is declared to have reached the 100 million mark, which means just within 193 days 100 million licenses of the OS were sold.

However, comparing the numbers directly might be a bit tricky as Microsoft did not reveal the exact time when the latest OS touched the 100 million sales. The latest figure about Windows 8 did not come in light in the last earning report of the company, for the quarter that ended on March 31 which would have meant that the latest OS, has generate the same number of sell within a shorter period, than its predecessor. It is more logical that Windows 8 hit the score in around the same time of Windows 7; otherwise there should have been an added announcement from Microsoft.

In the last month, it was reported that Windows 8 was outselling its predecessor, and now they are revealed to be at par, it will not be truly astonishing if in the next months, the sale of its predecessor surpasses the sale of Windows 8. Microsoft has already started to come up with information about the next Microsoft Blue. At present Windows 8 owns a market share of 3.84% but overall the Windows platform is showing a declining trend.

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