Firm Denial By John Reseburg To Discontinue The Cancellation Of Online Pass System

The policy of Online Pass System is no more applicable and has been cancelled by EA. This quite strange but is true. The policy was cancelled when Microsoft and Sony had adopted the game- friendly policy for the consoles of the next generation. There is no scope of coming back. John Reseburg, belonging to corporate communication and being the senior director, gave a very firm statement in this matter. He said that there is no visibility for their decisions to change regarding the cancellation of online pass. “It is totally dead,” he confirmed.

This statement was given to Polygon when the policy of Microsoft was reversed today. It had been said four weeks ago by John and is again being repeated that the new titles of EA will not be having online passes in them. In addition to it, it is being removed from the other games too. The statement was paused then and there without any further continuance. The only thing told by him was that the decision of the cancellation of online pass is totally based upon the feedback of the players and will not change.

The scheme of online Pass System was dropped at the end of May by EA. The end of May was an unfortunate timing and weird facts were assumed by the cynical commenters. They had assumed that the publisher was actually giving up a source of revenue of the games. It was also said that it is being done in order to introduce others with the consoles of the next generation. Things were made pleasant by Sony and the company managed to win the hearts of the audience.

The company rejected any sort of licensing by the used gams of the first party. It has also given liberty to the publishers to do whatever they feel like doing on a software level. Sony also expects the same to be done by the third party also. Detractors are expecting EA to fire up the online pass immediately. This was encouraged when Microsoft joined the bandwagon of games friendly of the users. EA has also denied any sort of involvement in the decision of Microsoft.

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