Firefox 21 Beta Available Now

Firefox seems to be on a roll. Just two days ago Firefox 20 was released and now Mozilla is releasing a new Firefox 21 Beta for Android. This new release adds open source custom fonts and HTML5 compatibility optimizations. Also this version will introduce features which are a stepping stone for improving the browser.

The fresh revision will offer suggestions for better startup times, when it detects that the browser launches slower than it should. This consists of a message that will lead you to tips that are generally effective towards speeding up the start times, such as enabling the “don’t load tabs until selected” feature or disabling extensions you don’t need and themes.

The Firefox 21 beta for Android comes with the custom open source fonts Charis and Open Sans. They will replace the default Android fonts for what Mozilla claims is “a visually appealing and clear reading experience.”


Mozilla boasts that Firefox 21 Beta for Android now scores a gigantic 411 and 14 bonus points (out of a total of 500).

Listed below are the features offered by Firefox 21:

• NEW: Shipping Open Sans and Charis fonts for Web Content.
• NEW: Ability to save media files on long tap.
• CHANGED: Polished UI based on Holo theme.
• CHANGED: CSS -moz-user-select:none selection changed to improve compatibility with -webkit-user-select:none (bugs 816298).
• CHANGED: Graphics related performance improvements (bug 809821).
• CHANGED: Removed E4X support from SpiderMonkey.
• DEVELOPER: Implemented Remote Profiling.
• DEVELOPER: Integrated, Add-on SDK loader and API libraries into Firefox.
• DEVELOPER: DOM/content implementation for Associated bugs.
• HTML5: Added support for element
• HTML5: Implemented scoped stylesheets.
• FIXED: Download Manager page is not updated after clearing private data (777639).
• FIXED: In content UI cut off on small screens (840593).

Firefox does not offer too much to the regular users but there’s more that can be soon expected on the tables. The latest Firefox beta now directly from the Google Play store. The stable version of Firefox 21 is expected to be released in May.

via CNET

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