FIFA Team Of The Year Players To Come In Ultimate Team Packs Now

In addition to crowning Cristiano Ronaldo its world player of the year last night, football’s governing body FIFA also named its Team of the Year, prompting EA Sports to update FIFA ultimate Team with special one-off in-form versions of each of the players selected. This is an annual tradition for the FIFA series and means blue TOTY cards for every player boasting exaggeratedstats can create their manner into final Team packs over consequent few days. First up are the goalkeeper and defenders, available in packs till 6pm GMT Wednesday night. Midfield and attack will presumptively follow in.

FIFA’s Team of the Year consists of four players from The Catalan Giants- Barcelona, three from European Champions Bayern Munich, two from French champions Paris Saint-Germain and two from Spanish Powerhouse Real Madrid. The Barclays English Premier League, England’s “best league in the world” did not have a single player featured on the list and its officials were unavailable for comment.

On the and aspect, at least, the spectre of Team of the Year has already driven down the second-hand value of the many of the foremost valuable players in final Team, and should bring the non-in-form versions of the TOTY XI players into range of individuals who haven’t got millions of FUT coins to play with.

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