FIFA 14 Petition Requests Female Players To Be Included In The Game

A FIFA 14 petition by Fernanda Schabarum wants EA Sports to include female players in FIFA 14. Despite the FIFA games’ success all over the world, not even one of the games has female teams or even players.

According to the FIFA 14 petition, “The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) has stated that 47% of all players are women.” And, “The U.S Department of State says that over 40% of soccer players in the U.S are girls.” This is not the first petition made regarding this kind of an issue, but last year, David Rutter (series producer) said that EA Games had ‘no plans to include women’s football in FIFA.’

NHL 13, on the other hand, features a few female players, after a heartfelt letter written to Peter Moore by fourteen year old Lexi Peters, then the head of the EA Sports label and currently the Chief Operating Officer. Both NHL and FIFA have been developed by EA Canada, but only NHL has included female players in a game.

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