Female Soldiers In Call Of Duty: Ghosts

Yale Miller talks about the customization made for bringing in the female warriors in the game.

The senior producer of Activision, Yale Miller said that involving a female ghost soldier in the Call of Duty was a natural choice and the customizations required were quite easy.

The idea was developed after a character customization idea and it really made sense. There are woman in battle and involving them in the game will give more eagerness to women gamers. Women gamers always raised question regarding this and the latest update to the game is a solution for them.

There has been many technical works involved for customizing the female character and Activision was not ready to launch female soldiers before, due to that. Recently, with the launch of the game, they proudly state that, they had done the work well.

The work was actively carried out when the demand of female gamers increased and the works involved were really hectic. Giving texture to the game was another hardship. But, finally, Activision was successful in bringing in the technology for launching female warriors in the game.

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