Federal District Court Rules In Favor Of Search On Borders Without Warrants

Travelers who have plans to go abroad should know that the border rules are as they were earlier-we are talking about the rights of government to search and seize the electronic items without any search warranty. This news is among the top headlines to and fro and again it flashed after a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit challenging the policy.

The New York Times Reported that Judge Edward R. Korman of the Federal District Court (Eastern District, New York) has passed a rule that plaintiffs lacked legal backing for their lawsuit, as the searches on the border occur so rarely that there is low risk that their electronic devices will be subject to a search or seizure without reasonable suspicion.

Not only this, but the Judge also said that if even the Plaintiffs have legal standing for their lawsuit, they’d still lose because the government does not need reasonable suspicion to search people’s cell, notebook or other devices on the border.

“There’s no silver lining to this decision,” Catherine Crump, a lawyer for the American Civil Liberties Union representing the plaintiffs, said in a statement. “It’s not just that we lost the case, it’s that the judge decided against us on multiple alternative grounds.”

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