‘Fast & Furious 7’ Filming Action Scenes On Pikes Peak Next Month

Pikes Peak would be crowded with the cast of the Fast & Furious 7, throughout September. A major portion of the film is expected to be shot there. Sources say Paul Walker was the Grand Marshal of the annual racing event- ‘The Race to the Clouds’, which is the Pikes Peak Hill Climb. It takes place is paved roads, stretched across 12 miles. The roads circle the mountain and the vertical distance is approximately 4,720 feet. Being a tourist attraction, the mountain is generally filled with people. That shouldn’t be a hindrance to the filming of the 7th installment of the Franchise.

The highway on Pikes Peak would be “completely or moderately closed in early September”; an official press release was sent out.

The city of Colorado Springs, where the peak is present, is home to a lot of hikers. This would be disappointing news to many of them. It wasn’t supposed to be known to the general public that this is due to the shooting of ‘Fast & Furious 7’. The word of mouth spread slowly. The locals have already spotted cars and other vehicles which have been brought to the Peak for the shooting. The film crew is expected to be on the mountain for two weeks.

The latest news on ‘Fast & Furious 7’ was the confirmation of Tony Jaa being a part of James Wan’s this installment. Other plot details are not known yet, but we can safely assume and conclude that the famous Pikes Peak Highway would be home to an action scene involving car chase on the curvier side of the mountain.

Like many Hollywood movies, this Peak might double as some other mountain in the actual story, but we need to wait to see whether the ‘Pikes Peak’ scene would be featured in the actual movie at all.

In the original press release, the filming would also promote the City of Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak. The filming of the movie is throwing interesting news regularly, which is what is expected of a mega-budget film of this kind.

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