Facebook Plans To Chop Down Users News Feed Clutter

The social networking giant has always been creating several algorithms that would benefit the user and ease its process. The algorithm for news feed worked in such a way that, it updated user’s Newsfeed by striking off the posts that disinterests the user.

This will surely turn out to be interesting, if these changes, make sure that users are seeing the stories that are important to them and if people really thank the Facebook update for its News Feed algorithm. The update launched today aims to sieve ‘high quality content’ directly to your newsfeed. Facebook considers posts from businesses as ‘high quality content’ on theory basis and as a result of which businesses will consider their posts to show up on their fans’ timelines more frequently.

Facebook had to determine what users considers to be high quality, for the update to actually work. Based on the social network survey, thousands of people determined what factors make posts high quality. The survey consisted of questions about trust, relevancy, recommendations, potential sharing and how they felt about that post.

Facebook built a system to detect fan base, page quality, and if there is a similarity between pages’ fan, based on the results of the survey.

The result showed an upward trend in interactions taking place on the pages and fewer actions that hid page posts, based on the tests after implementing the changes on a small group. The social networking giant has always been creating several algorithms that would benefit the user and ease its process.Facebook recently has requested their users ‘not to post anything that sucks.’ A friendly reminder was also sent to pages which included their announcement saying to post great stuff and optimize it for engagement and reach.

These things are already claimed to be happening as groups are seen fighting for the sponsored posts. Facebook will also try to analyze and give the user more options as to what things from the page he has like are posted onto his News Feed. For e.g. the local restaurant one likes on Facebook with only 100 other people won’t necessarily benefit from this update.

Preferably, the change will help clean out the user’s already cluttered news feed and give certain smaller businesses that already post great content a little push. If not, businesses will start to see the value of a less significant but more dedicated audience somewhere else.

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