Facebook Now Re-banning Decapitation Videos

Six months ago, Facebook banned to post any brutal, gruesome decapitation videos and yesterday company decided to remove that ban. But in less than 24 hrs company again flipped and decided to re-ban such videos. It’s an ugly tug of war between free speech, censorship, horrifying content, etc. that can sort of dictate what people see in their feeds.

Facebook removed that ban earlier, because company believes in sharing its experiences of controversial events, but now according to the reports, company is doing this to strengthen the enforcement of [Facebook’s] policy, as the company has examined it’s consequences very closely.

It’s not only the decision of Facebook because censors also are in place to take it down if deemed irresponsible, improper and so on. Most of the times these decapitation video are meant to make for getting people’s support or sadistic or celebratory.

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