Facebook Mobile Advertising Revenue Gains Momentum

Reuters claim that the number of users accessing Facebook through mobile phones have seen a rise. Reportedly, Facebook was trying to reposition its business for consumers who access the Internet via small-screened smartphones through this strategy and this has finally started to pay off. Mobile advertising in the group’s results for the first quarter of the year accounted for 30 percent of Facebook’s overall ad revenue. The users, in June, jumped around 20 percent in the United States and Britain.

On Thursday, James Quarles, regional director for Britain and Southern Europe, said, “Its mobile monthly active users have increased by 18 percent in the United States and by 22 percent in Britain in June compared with the previous year, as brands seek different ways to reach consumers who are often on holiday and not interacting with their usual media. We see this as a fantastic opportunity with empirical evidence of people staying engaged on mobile phones and using Facebook. As people are away and on holiday, it provides a different opportunity for brands to think differently about Facebook.

Though there always remains a discrepancy, between the amount of time consumers spend on their mobile devices and the advertising dollars companies spend, Facebook is still seen as one of the most likely ways for mobile advertising to succeed.

When people are that engaged, checking their Facebook 14 times a day, if advertisers can deliver the right message to the right audience you can really see some business impact.” Quarles added.

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